I am traveling instructor and I will to travel for 9+ students and teach any of Theta seminars. Additional travel and accommodation fees applies according to countries.




2 -3 May 2020                           Dig Deeper

9 -10 May 2020                          You and God

Prague, Czech Republic

13 - 31. May 2020                       Intuitive Anatomy

Czech Repablic

January 2020                             Intuitive Anatomy

Napier/ New Plymouth


Myska was my instructor for the Intuitive Anatomy workshop. I was amazed by her wisdom, her knowledge and her intuition - her ability to guide and to hold space for her students. I have learnt so much from her, and am so privileged to have her in my life 🥰
If you’re looking to find clarity your life, or to move beyond what is holding you back, get in touch with her! Lots of love

Founder and manager of My Dawning Light from France


Feeling blessed to have Myska as my teacher ☺️ She holds the perfect space for her students, is continually encouraging, very motivating and always seems to know the perfect time to gently stop holding your hand.
Myska shares her knowledge of Theta, Creator and Vianna’s teachings, intertwined with personal experiences and is open to others needs along the way. I did the basic course and then just wanted to do more and more. I just completed the three week Intuitive Anatomy and it was “life changing”.
I totally recommend taking these workshops with Myska as an instructor, even if it is just for your own learning ... it’s guaranteed learning.

From England

Tina Beckley


Gratitude, joy, and love are what I am feeling for the teachings from Vianna and Theta Healing through Myska! She is an amazing teacher and healer. I have taken four theta courses with Myska, DNA1, DNA2, Digging and Manifesting & Abundance. I plan on taking more! She was flexible and accomodating while still creating a safe and fun learning space. Myska has a way of making everyone feel welcomed and loved. She was patient. Each day I felt we were surrounded in a bubble of joy and love, where learning was able to happen at each person's pace. Every class had just the right people, from our divine timing to learn exactly what we needed to know in every moment. I feel more connected with Creator than I ever have before. Thank you so much.

Montessori Head Teacher and Deputy Principle from USA

Past Seminars:


23 -24. November 2019               You and Your Inner Circle

New Plymouth

18. - 22. November 2019              Thetahealing Basic DNA 1

New Plymouth

16 - 17. November 2019                 You and God

New Plymouth, NZ

1. - 3. Nov 2019                           Thetahealing Advance DNA 2

Palmerston North, New Zealand

25 - 27. Oct 2019                         Thetahealing Basic DNA 1

Napier, New Zealand

28 September - 30 September              Advance course  DNA

Policka, Czech Republic                           Pokrocily kurs

27 September                                     Nervouse System

Policka, Czech Republic     


23 September - 25 September               Advance course  DNA


Policka, Czech Republic                            Pokrocily kurs


7 September - 8th September 2019         You and God

Litomysl, Czech Republic                     Zakladni kurz

13 August - 15 August                         Advance course  DNA

Policka, Czech Republic                          Pokrocily kurs

10 August - 12 August 2019                 Basic course DNA 1

Morkovice/Slizany, Czech Republic      Zakladni kurz


2 August - 4 August 2019                   Basic course DNA 1


Litomysl, Czech Republic                    Zakladni kurz


20 July–21 July                                  You and your Inner Circle


Prague,  Czech Republic


13 July–23 July                                   Thetahealing Dig Deeper

Prague,  Czech Republic


27 May - 31 May 2019                        Thetahealing Rainbow Children

Prague, Czech Republic                        Duhove deti 

22 May 2019                                     Endocrine System

20 May - 21 May 2019                        Thetahealing You and Earth

Prague, Czech Republic                        Ty a Země




13 May - 15 May 2019                        Basic course DNA 1

Prague, Czech Republic                       Zakladni kurz

10 May–12 May 2019                         Advance course  DNA

Prague, Czech Republic                         Pokrocily kurs


13 Mar                                               Introduction To Thetahealing


Wellness Sanctuary, Napier

Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

25 Feb - 15 March                               Thetahealing Intuitive Anatomy

Napier, New Zealand

17 Feb–18 Feb                                      Thetahealing Manifestation and

​New Plymouth, New Zealand              Abundance

15 Feb–16 Feb                                     Thetahealing Dig Deeper

New Plymouth, New Zealand

8 Feb–10 Feb                                      Theta Healing Basic course

Palmerston North, New Zealand

22 Jan–23 Jan                                     Thetahealing Dig Deeper

Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

21 Jan–23 Jan  2019                             TheataHealing Advance Course

Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

17 Jan–19 Jan  2019                              Theta Healing Basic course

Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

27 Dec 2018–29 Dec 2018                     Thetahealing Základní kurz DNA 1

Harboranch, Česká Republika

19 Dec 2018                                        Uvod do Thetahealing

Dolní Bečva, Česká Republika

14 Dec 2018                                        Uvod do Thetahealing leceni

Brno, Czech Republic

28 Nov 2018                                      Uvod do Thetahealing

Prague, Czech Republic

28 Sep 2018–30 Sep 2018                     Thetahealing Basic DNA

​Dharamsala, India

16 Aug 2018–18 Aug 2018                    ThetaHealing Advance DNA

Vancouver, Canada

6 Aug 2018–8 Aug 2018                      Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Practitioner

Vancouver, Canada


Forever grateful for Magical Myshka in my life!! Her DNA Basic workshop fell on my lap in a perfect timing! Without much research on the modality, I felt the calling and just went for it! I been blown away with what I learned on day one! Hearing about what is offered on the Advanced course, I made sure to get on that one as well shortly after! Myshka is very soft, understanding and caring with everyone she comes across. When it comes to teaching and doing sessions, very supportive, fun and professional always! I loved her workshops so much that I chose to come down from Ottawa Canada, all the way to New Zealand for more!! Every steps along the way seemed to prepare me for the next, flowing with joy and ease, into my deep self discoveries and healing. Intuitive Anatomy been such a blessing, I was so ready for it, and Myshka been an amazing coach during the intense three weeks together! I come out with totally new perspectives on just about everything in what life should be and what we can achieve! Beyond mind blowing, really!!


Where do I start.. myska’s one groovey earthling😁 Our little tale started in mumma India and blossomed into a really special friendship that I hold close to my heart! What I experienced through theta healing with myska teaching all of us was something I can’t explain! Her kind loving nature helped us all feel at ease and excited for the learning we had ahead. her beautiful energy guided the teachings perfectly, made us feel at home, and her sweet nature was very nurturing through the deep healing we were receiving. It truly was a special time for me and thanks to myska’s fairy like attitude to life I can’t wait to do the next course with her!
Don’t even consider theta healing with myska, just do it! what you will gain inside is unicorn like and chances are you’ll also gain a beautiful friend like I did. Thankyou

From Australia


Myska is an amazing Theta healing practitioner and teacher! After having one session with her last year at a retreat we were both attending, I was sure that I wanted to learn this healing modality from her, so we set up the basic DNA course right after the retreat with a few others who felt the same calling. These 3 days were incredibly transformational and every day after leaving the class I felt like my field was being completely re-wired and upgraded on so many levels. In the start I found it hard to believe that I would become a certified theta healer after just 3 days - but Myska made it easy. She was so patient, clear and compassionate when teaching yet totally empowering me to tap into my own intuition and encouraging me to believe in myself and my ability to connect to the answers by myself. Myska is someone that is incredibly genuine and felt that I could trust immediately, which I feel is so important when doing this deep work. I went on to do the advanced DNA course shortly after which was also a really beautiful and intimate experience, even though I felt extremely tired the whole time - she stayed with me throughout with her unwavering presence and commitment to be of service in the best way. Since then, the way I relate to life has changed tremendously - my intuition has opened like it never was before, I have my own clients and an thriving with the knowing that whatever challenges arise in me, I have this tool to get to the bottom of it and shift what is limiting me, so for this - Theta healing has been the most empowering thing I have ever done, and I feel honoured that I was taught by this beautiful light being with such a strong connection to source, her heart and the heart of others. I would highly recommend Myska as both a practitioner and Teacher!!

From Australia


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