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My name is Michaela Fojtlova but known as Myska (Mishka) by most and I am the person behind this website offering sessions that allows you to go beyond your beliefs that are creating your present reality. Together we can dive into all the possibilities of your life and how you would like to live the life you have always wanted to.

​It all usually begins with meeting people, getting to know their stories, look behind them to see

how we can expand. And not to my surprise many of my clients become my students so they can

learn how to change their own life and how to help the one they love and care about so much.

​The thing I love about my work is that I get to see the magic taking place in the lives of others.
Sometimes clients come to me sad, frustrated, angry and sometimes given up on life and after a

sessions or few they are leaving with sparks in their eyes with the wonder what the life would

bring to them.

The most magical moments are when my students realize how they can create the amazing life they always wanted on their own.

What we can work on in 0ne-to-one sessions:
We can look at your personal blocks, fears, limitations,
We can work with death, personal loss, grief, relationships, traumas, depression, addictions
We can look at any family issues
We can look at any physical challenges (weight issues, self-image, anorexia, etc.)

Together we will discover the limiting belief that is supporting the issue and transform it through a series of understandings, lessons, downloads and replacement patterns that are designed to bring you to your highest potential. You have verbal consent every step of the way, so it feels very safe. Changing your thoughts will change your life. Everything becomes lighter, brighter, and clearer as your subconscious limitations are released.

Or we can just fill you up with a high amount of light force so you can feel charges and allow the energy to do the healing on its own.

Because of my personal experience, I specialized in addressing issues dealing with depression, physical injuries, eating disorders, autoimmune diseases, and fertility issues and addiction. I also helped clients with different family relationships and life-changing events such as divorce, self-judgment and worthiness issues, body weight, cancer, mental illness and with the transition of dying and death.

What will you learn in my Theta healing sessions:

We will on activating the 12 strands of DNA
The practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns.
Opening to the Unconditional Love of the Creator.
You will learn how to identify your own beliefs and how to pull them for others.
Learn why we create things in our lives and what we learn from them.
Learn discernment when working with guides and guardian angels
Introduction to manifesting in your life and future readings.
Balancing your moods
Waywards and implants, Seven Planes of Existence, The Power of Connecting to the Creator of All the Is

Expand YOUR Life Beyond you believes and Create the LIFE You Always wanted. Why??? Because You are worthy of IT! Because IT Is Your Birth Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Email: Themovebeyond@gmail.com

Facebook: The Move Beyond

New Zealand phone number: +64 021 034 9510

Czech phone number: +420

Whatsapp number: +1 4062079030

Bank account:

New Zealand MICHAELA FOJTLOVA 38-9009-0376478-02

Czech Republic 000000-3187724183/0800

PAYPAL Fojtlova@gmail.com

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